Rowan’s New Year Message

Thanks to Peter Ould I’ve been enjoying Rowan Williams’ New Year Message.
His message is particularly poignant in our local community, with Oasis Academy Brightstowe having opened this year and doing a really good job at transforming the lives of our local children. I love the story of St Lawrence he quotes:

Lawrence was a Christian minister in Rome in the days when you could be arrested and executed for being a Christian 1900 years ago. When he was arrested he was told to collect all the treasures of the church to be given up to the courts. He got together all the homeless, the orphans, and the hungry that the church looked after in the city, and presented them to his judges saying ‘These are the church’s treasures’….

Reflecting on this story he says:

What would our life really be like if we really believed that our wealth, our treasure, was our fellow human beings? Religious faith points to a God who takes most seriously, and values most extravagantly, the people who often look least productive and successful. As if none of us could really be seen as ‘doing well’ if these people were secure… One of the most damning things you could say about any society is that it’s failing its children.

His reflections on advent weren’t bad either.

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