Convert betacode to koine Greek in realtime

To complement my post on displaying unicode on websites I thought that betacode deserved a mention…
I’ve only recently discovered the brilliant TypeGreek by Randy Hoyt. He’s produced a betacode converter for biblical / koine Greek that converts as you type. Have a go below:

As an example, try entering the following:

e)n a)rxh=| e)poi/hsen o( qeos ton ou)ranon kai thn gh=n.
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The God I don’t understand

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Over at

koinonia they’re starting a series looking at Christopher Wright’s ‘The God I Don’t Understand’.
Chapter 1 looks very promising!

I want to highlight a comment on their blog by ‘Jesse’: “My favorite part of chapter 1 comes near the end where Chris says that we do not just stop and say “evil is mystery,” and end there. No, we grieve, we weep, we lament, we protest, etc. We may not understand evil’s origins, but there are actions we can take…and there are actions God has taken.”