Rowan Williams on God


God is first and foremost that depth around all things and beyond all things into which, when I pray, I try to sink. But God is also the activity that comes to me out of that depth, tells me I’m loved, that opens up a future for me, that offers transformations I can’t imagine. Very much a mystery but also very much a presence. Very much a person…

Have just returned from a stunningly relaxing week in Pembrokeshire. I read ‘Rowan’s Rule’ whilst away which I found to be a fascinating read. Completely by chance, we even bumped into Rowan whilst visiting St Davids Cathedral and had the opportunity hear him read some of his poetry and preach at evensong.

I am impressed by Rowan – at times it does seem as if he is an academic square peg in a political / media round hole but he is serving God as honestly and faithfully as he knows how. He’s made plenty of (big) mistakes, especially in understanding how the media will report what he says, but I think he’s a good bloke 🙂

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