The Justification Debate


I’ve only just begun to engage with the debates between two of the most prominent pastor-theologians of our time, John Piper and NT Wright, on the nature of justification. What is it? Why does it matter exactly what it is or what it denotes or achieves? Won’t life carry on regardless of whether we can pin it down using precise language?

I’ve just finished reading Piper’s ‘The Future of Justification: A Response to N.T. Wright‘ and am now moving onto Wright’s response to Piper’s response (if you follow me) called ‘Justification: God’s Plan & Paul’s Vision‘. What is clear is that it is not wholly a question of hair-splitting semantics. Wright and Piper present fundamentally different views on justification in some areas.

As ever I have grand plans to have profound thoughts on the issue and to spend some time carefully considering where I stand, but you know what they say about best laid plans… 😉 If I do manage to get around to developing my thoughts I shall surely post them here in prose form. In the meantime, this primer provides an excellent summary of the debate (if you can put up with the pop up adds).

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