New stylesheet

I’ve been learning about alternate stylesheets recently from a List Apart article and have been doing some experimenting.
I’ve been unhappy for a while with the fixed width nature of my site and, especially when reading long posts, the the readability of the main body text. I’m therefore experimenting with a stylesheet that loses the sidebar. You can try this below:

Wide View image

Click on the following icon to switch to the ‘no sidebar’ stylesheet (and click again to switch back):

It’s not amazingly clear to the user from these icons that this is what will happen when clicked so am working on how to make this clear. As usual, I’m having teething problems getting this to display properly in Internet Explorer. I’ve also introduced a ‘print’ stylesheet (below). Any comments on this function (especially browser-specific problems) welcome!

Note as of April 2013: This functionality has now been superceded.

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