Cranmer: The ‘rebel’ Anglican bishops ‘defect’ to Rome

via Cranmer: The ‘rebel’ Anglican bishops ‘defect’ to Rome.
So, the Ordinariate officially got underway with the three defecting bishops being ordained priests in the Roman Catholic church:

It is strange, if not a little ironic, that they have exchanged a church with gender issues for a church with gender issues; a church in which being a woman is a bar to higher office for one in which the possession of a wife is a bar to higher office.

As one commenter posts: Men in frocks are upset that women in frocks want to join their ranks.

By devoting so much time and effort to gender issues, instead of challenging society by deconstructing the question or focusing on poverty and wealth (for example), the Church is simply showing itself to share the same obsessions as the world. Pauline ethics seem almost utopian to our myopic age, in which it appears at times that one’s identity is made to reside in testes and ovaries. The issue for the Church of England is that this debate has been blown out of all proportion; it is neither a battle for the soul of the church, nor an issue worthy of schism. It is a question utterly peculiar to this era, and those Christians on both sides of the divide might consider toning down the rhetoric and the apologetics, and preaching the gospel instead.


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