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From Evangelicals on the Road to Canterbury | Jesus Creed:

But many of us would like to see more respect for ancient liturgy, more connection to the church at large and the church of history, and know that the liturgy is not the problem but the deadness of those who guide the liturgy. I was in Ireland last summer, Kris and I wandered into an evening Catholic service and sat in the back — and I was dumbfounded both by the glory of the words and the virtual inexpressiveness in the priest who was reading the liturgy. It sounded like he was doing it for the umpteenth time that day. But it wasn’t the words — it was the personal appropriation of those words that bothered me.

True (and I’m a big fan of the liturgical tradition.)

But the plank may well in the eyes of many of us non-liturgical (if that’s a word) folk who also frequently ‘go through the motions’ with our ‘Hallelujah-praise-the-Lord’ faces on.

No less, or no more, real.