How Important Is the Doctrine of the Trinity?

Roger Olson has written a great article on the importance of the Trinity. He points out that, for some,

… the doctrine of the Trinity is crucial, essential, indispensable to a robust and healthy Christian view of God.

But what does it mean to say that it is ‘indispensable’ when theologians of the caliber of Moltmann say: “The more one reflects on the mystery of the Trinity, the further one seems to move from any final understanding of it”?

The doctrine of the Trinity is perplexing. Augustine said that anyone who denies the Trinity loses his salvation but that anyone who tries to understand it loses his mind.

The point is that our worship needs to be informed by who we are worshipping:

believing in the doctrine of the Trinity is not really the point; the point is to worship the triune God. However, the doctrine of the Trinity, while it cannot replace the triune God in our hearts, must have a place in our minds or else we end up in confusion about who God is.

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