Powerful Preaching

I stumbled across a really helpful article that outlines four principles for effective preaching:

This is the last of a series of posts where I have built and expanded on these a bit, adding my own thoughts that reflect how I would like to grow and develop in my gifting.


Get on fire for God and people will come to watch you burn“, advised John Wesley to a discouraged youthful minister who, seemingly, could not attract a crowd.

Let’s be clear: powerful preaching is not ‘powerful’ because because the preacher has a booming voice, has got him or herself worked up into an emotional frenzy, or because of a demonstrative charisma. Powerful preaching is found in the power of the gospel to transform lives (Romans 1:16). If we are to see God’s power work through our preaching it must be “preceded by, accompanied with, and followed by prayer… It is prayer that makes God real to us – His holiness, His power, His love.

That said, a key area I would love to grow in is to combine the ability to bring the timeless Word of God in my preaching with a prophetic edge that is able to also bring the ‘Now’ Word of God. That is not at all to diminish the fact that God’s speaks today through his Word (hopefully that’s demonstrably my view from reading these posts!) but it is to recognise that there can be prophetic insight (words of knowledge etc) in how we apply that Word to our hearers.

Powerful preaching sets the spiritual temperature in the room rather than reflecting it. In my preaching, I want to be a thermostat and not a thermometer. In this there are no short cuts. To set the spiritual temperature you must first have caught the fever. If you are on fire for God, people will sit up and take notice.

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