Plastic fruit

Great post by Lindsey Carlson:

If Real Me is radically different than Online Me, which me is real, and which is the impostor? If I’m failing to demonstrate the same fruit of the Spirit in “real life” as I do online, it’s probably plastic fruit—and I need to be aware of the discrepancy… I’d rather bask in the love of my digital perfection than stumble and fall before real people who will call me out and hold me accountable.

The persona we choose to project doesn’t need to be seen only as ‘plastic fruit’ – there is a distinction between ‘faking it’ (pretending) which has no intention of working at actually becoming more loving, and being someone who is choosing to ‘put on’ love, and actively seeking to adopt the behaviour that Jesus calls us to. Working at it is what counts. As I’ve touched on previously, self-control is the area that shows us up!

We would all do well to remember that social media is no replacement for genuine, accountable relationships:

Don’t settle for keeping your life primarily or exclusively online. Social media is a poor substitute for physical presence. Strive, fight for, and pour into those friends with whose voices, body language, and quirky personalities you’re well familiar. These are the hearts that know your heart—and are praying and engaging for your sanctification.

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