When a follower of Jesus gets depressed

The burden of having a mental illness is at times very hard to bear. Christians must learn to ease that weight for others. Too often churches will instead add to sufferers a sense of guilt that they “ought not” to be feeling that way….

The Bible is not ignorant of depression. It is not embarrassed to speak of it. God understands. For the one who inspired every word was tempted as we are. And, as we are reminded every Good Friday, Jesus himself on the cross became familiar with sorrow. He carried our depression, so that we would be delivered. In the meantime, although our troubles may be severe, he promises to be with us in them.

We need to get to a place where we can talk as freely about depression and other mental illnesses as we would about a physical illness. Where we recognise it needs non-stigmatising medical attention, but also a context in which Christians lovingly pray and seek breakthrough in the midst of confusion and pain.