Greek & Hebrew Reader’s Bible

Sorry for the lack of postage of late, but I have been putting my energy into learning some basic motorbike maintenance 🙂
Whilst lamenting the demise of the re:Greek project I stumbled across John Dyer’s excellent Reader’s Version of Greek and Hebrew Bible. Apparently it’s been up and running for at least a month but I haven’t noticed it ’till now.

The text is highly customisable with the ability to:

  • colour-code nouns / adjectives / prepositions etc
  • Pop-up definitions of words
  • Generate morphology, frequency and other words helps for words that appear x number of times in the text
  • Change the font and text size

What’s more, it’s free! Due to licensing restrictions, the text is stuck to the Tischendorf Greek New Testament rather than one of the UBS iterations – I can’t comment on the Hebrew ;-)…

john dyer

Thanks John!