Wright on blogging

NT Wright

It really is high time we developed a Christian ethic of blogging. Bad temper is bad temper even in the apparent privacy of your own hard drive, and harsh and unjust words, when released into the wild, rampage around and do real damage… [I have] a pastoral concern for anyone who spends more than a few minutes a day taking part in blogsite discussions, especially when they all use code names: was it for this that the creator God made human beings?

Was that Tom Wright having a rant?!

IVP have made available 29 or so pages of Wright forthcoming ‘Justification: God’s Plan & Paul’s Vision’. It appears that Wright was prompted to write this tome as a reply to some of the criticism he has been experiencing in some quarters, perhaps most notably and articulately from John Piper. Looks like it’ll be a good one…

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